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Welcome to Dayhill Farm - Where color and quality meet

We do not sell goats for eating at our farm.


Kidding Season 2016

Kidding season for 2016 has begun!. See the Goats For Sale page for pictures.


Dayhill Farm is located in Marseilles, IL. We are Paul and Becky Curtis and we are about 75 miles south west of Chicago, just 6 miles off of Interstate 80. We have boer goats for sale in Illinois and surrounding states. Our farm specializes in Fullblood Boer Goats and percentage does.



I’m Becky and all my life I wanted to raise livestock but I was a suburban girl with a dream and no experience. In 2002 we left the Chicago suburbs and moved to our 8 acres near Seneca, IL. In 2006 our neighbor bought some goats. We asked if he would pasture them on our land so we could be foster farmers. My husband set to work fencing about 4 acres – a HUGE job that he did just so we could have our foster goats. At the end of the summer, the goats had to go back to their winter pasture. When I came home from work the day they left and saw the empty pasture I felt like someone had stolen my dream. I walked into the house and told my husband “we are building a barn and getting our own goats”. By the next spring, we did it. Since I knew nothing about livestock, I read everything I could find on the internet about it. I met wonderful people all over the country who still help me today. We are very willing to help people wanting to get started in the goat business in any way we can.

Although we don’t show, we are pleased when some of our goats are sold to be show goats. I hope we will have some show results to post soon.



We spend lots of “hands-on” time with our goats every day. We give them the most natural environment we can. They roam the woods and pastures freely and come to the barn each night to eat and socialize with us. All the human contact makes our goats pleasant to work around and with.

We love color and are striving to breed animals with color as good as the traditionals, but we breed a lot of traditionals too.

If you are looking for a pet, show, or breeding goat, I hope you will come and get to know our goats.


Dayhill Farm

Paul and Becky Curtis

Marseilles, IL 61341


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